Treating Anxiety with Various Forms of Exercise

The benefits of exercise are numerous and varied. Many researchers in psychology have studied the effects of exercise on anxiety conditions, and their findings may surprise you. Read more about the topic here.

Health Anxiety and How to Overcome It

As adults get older, they tend to experience more health issues. This can lead to some fear and anxiety over their well-being. Find out how health anxiety can be dealt with here.

How to Help Yourself (and Your Paruresis) by Helping Others

Staying stressed-out and stuck in your own head can make your paruresis worse. Likewise, getting out of yourself by reaching out to help others can decrease your symptoms and increase your overall life satisfaction. Find out more!

Anxiety Disorders: How Do They Begin?

Stress is something we all have to deal with, but we can’t afford to let it grow into full-blown anxiety. Find out how anxiety disorders can start to develop and what factors contribute to anxiety in most people.

Do You Have Social Anxiety Disorder?

Feeling anxious about what others think about you can cause a lot of stress and unhappiness. For some people, a preoccupation with others’ opinions can lead to an anxiety condition like social phobia or paruresis. Find out how you can recognize social anxiety here.

Researchers Pursue New Treatment for Mood and Anxiety Problems

Brain chemistry can have major effects on your emotional state. A chemical imbalance in the brain can contribute to feelings of depression and stress. Find out how brain research is being used to find new treatments for depression and anxiety here.

Treating Social Anxiety without Any Medications

If you have social anxiety but you are reluctant to try drug therapy, you may be interested in finding out how you can master your anxiety some other way. It turns out that there may be a solution for you! Read more here about alternative therapies for social anxiety.

How Money Woes Can be Bad for Your Paruresis

The average American household owes about $15,000 in credit card bills, just part of the debt that can worsen shy bladder and affect your mental health. Read on for more info and tips on how to deal with it.