How Does Paruresis Affect Your Life?

For a person with shy bladder syndrome (“paruresis”), many ordinary tasks and luxuries that people take for granted may become impossible.

For people who are paralyzed by fear when they have to use the bathroom around someone else, there are a surprising amount of repercussions on lifestyle and relationship choices.

One person who had paruresis for many years found that his condition affected almost every aspect of his life. In his professional life, he had to ensure that he did not take a job which required him to do anything which would cause him discomfort due to his shy bladder syndrome. For example, he mentions that he could not take any jobs that required him to travel. This is because he only felt calm enough to use the bathroom when at his own home or in a very private bathroom.

The man with paruresis also had difficulties as a child. He was unable to attend summer camp or sleep over at friends houses. As he grew older, he was wary of dating because he knew  would be too anxious to use the bathroom if his significant other was around.

There are many more ways shy bladder syndrome can impact your life in the long- and short-term. The best thing to do is to seek treatment for paruresis. A doctor or mental health professional may be able to offer advice, provide therapy, and prescribe medication, if necessary.

To read about the man who struggled with paruresis, visit the link below.

Photo Credit: lanuiop via Compfight cc