Celebrity Anxiety Story: Actress Jennifer Lawrence

Anxiety disorders are a large body of conditions that cause people to feel worried, nervous or stressed out much more than is healthy. Some anxiety disorders like generalized anxiety disorder (referred to as “GAD”) are more commonly diagnosed. This usually means more people are researching them and working to find ways to treat them.

Unfortunately, lesser known anxiety ailments like paruresis are often overlooked. Not many people are familiar with “shy bladder syndrome,” as it is called. The condition occurs when someone feels too anxious to use the restroom when someone else may be nearby. The anxiety is so intense that it actually creates a physical inability to relieve oneself.

While there are not a lot of treatments just for paruresis, learning to control one’s anxiety can be very helpful. Excessive anxiety can be treated with professional help or with at-home methods. What works for one person may not work for another, so researching one’s options and using trial-and-error are recommended.

Jennifer Lawrence, a popular actress who is known for her work in X-Men: First Class and The Hunger Games has recently revealed that she once struggled with anxiety. Ms. Lawrence says that she may have had social anxiety disorder when she was younger, feeling shy and uncomfortable when she was at school surrounded by her peers.

If you want to know more about how Ms. Lawrence became successful and comfortable in her own skin, you can read her story at the link below.


Photo Credit: GabboT via Compfight cc