Meet Three Brave Women who Battle Anxiety

Anxiety disorders can be just as harmful to your quality of life as a chronic physical illness.

Conditions like Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), panic disorder, and paruresis can last for many years, sometimes for nearly a lifetime. Many people feel embarrassed or confused by their anxiety; they may not realize that other people are going through the same thing they are. Having no one to talk to about something as serious and life-altering as an anxiety disorder can be frustrating and isolating.

Some anxiety conditions, such as OCD, can begin in childhood. This means that the affected person may be too young to realize that he or she has an anxiety disorder. Children with anxiety problems may need treatment but not realize it. Even parents of an anxious child may not understand the nature of their child’s illness.

Here in the US, we have recently begun to recognize the unique struggle of  people with anxiety disorders. In Great Britain, anxiety disorders have been well studied and recognized for a longer period of time.

An article in a British publication describes how three women have dealt with their persistent anxiety conditions. Through various forms of treatment and lifestyle changes, they have found ways to cope and to help spread awareness of anxiety disorders.

The article describes some of the experiences the three women have had as chronic anxiety sufferers. There is also information about anxiety treatments and what methods have been most effective for the women.

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Photo Credit: Thomas Hawk via Compfight cc