3 Things to Know about Shy Bladder Syndrome

Shy bladder syndrome, also called paruresis, is a condition that not many people understand. Paruresis is difficult to classify and even to describe to someone who has never experienced it. Come learn some of the most important information about shy bladder syndrome.

How Does Shy Bladder Syndrome Affect Men?

Shy bladder syndrome isn’t something most people are aware of, so it can be difficult for those who have it to find support and resources. Come read about a study which examined paruresis in a large group of men.

How A Young Woman Overcame Paruresis

Paruresis can be a difficult illness to deal with on your own. As with many anxiety disorders, paruresis can become more manageable with help from a licensed mental health worker. Read about how professionals have successfully treat paruresis here.

Celebrity Anxiety Story: Actress Jennifer Lawrence

You would never think someone who is as confident and beautiful as Jennifer Lawrence would feel overwhelmed by anxiety. But the actress admits that she used to be insecure and nervous in school. Read more about her story here.

How Overspending Eats at Your Mental Health and Worsens Paruresis

Overspending can be a chronic habit that increases anxiety, stress and shy bladder symptoms. Find out why you may do it and how to stop.

Treating Anxiety with Various Forms of Exercise

The benefits of exercise are numerous and varied. Many researchers in psychology have studied the effects of exercise on anxiety conditions, and their findings may surprise you. Read more about the topic here.

How to Help Yourself (and Your Paruresis) by Helping Others

Staying stressed-out and stuck in your own head can make your paruresis worse. Likewise, getting out of yourself by reaching out to help others can decrease your symptoms and increase your overall life satisfaction. Find out more!

Do You Have Social Anxiety Disorder?

Feeling anxious about what others think about you can cause a lot of stress and unhappiness. For some people, a preoccupation with others’ opinions can lead to an anxiety condition like social phobia or paruresis. Find out how you can recognize social anxiety here.