Understanding Shy Bladder Syndrome and Social Anxiety

If you have paruresis (or “shy bladder syndrome”), you may have heard the theory that it is actually a form of social phobia. You may not realize it at first, but shy bladder syndrome can severely limit your ability to socialize and enjoy experiences with others. Read about how paruresis and social anxiety relate and how they can impact your life.

How Overspending Eats at Your Mental Health and Worsens Paruresis

Overspending can be a chronic habit that increases anxiety, stress and shy bladder symptoms. Find out why you may do it and how to stop.

How to Help Yourself (and Your Paruresis) by Helping Others

Staying stressed-out and stuck in your own head can make your paruresis worse. Likewise, getting out of yourself by reaching out to help others can decrease your symptoms and increase your overall life satisfaction. Find out more!

How Money Woes Can be Bad for Your Paruresis

The average American household owes about $15,000 in credit card bills, just part of the debt that can worsen shy bladder and affect your mental health. Read on for more info and tips on how to deal with it.

Meet Three Brave Women who Battle Anxiety

Anxiety is a major mental health illness that affects many people around the world. In the UK, awareness of anxiety disorders is significant. Read about several women who share their experiences with anxiety in the UK.

New Kind of ‘Family Vacation’ May Relieve Stress in Women

Women today are working harder than ever, and stress can be a major part of their lives. For moms who want to pursue their interests and build a career, stress only makes things even more difficult. Find out how women have created a new kind of vacation that allows them more freedom and rejuvenation.

Why Keeping Your Paruresis Secret Can be Dangerous

While you may not want to disclose the fact you suffer from paruresis to the masses, you may find relief and healing by disclosing your ‘secret’ to people you trust. Here’s why.

Tips for Living (Calmly) with Hypersensitivity

This hurly-burly world can be headache-inducing for anyone, but that counts triple if you happen to be a highly sensitive person. Check out some tips to let the calm cascade coolly back into your life.