How Does Shy Bladder Syndrome Affect Men?

Shy bladder syndrome isn’t something most people are aware of, so it can be difficult for those who have it to find support and resources. Come read about a study which examined paruresis in a large group of men.

Coping with and Preventing Panic Attacks

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Health Anxiety and How to Overcome It

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Researchers Pursue New Treatment for Mood and Anxiety Problems

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Treating Social Anxiety without Any Medications

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Therapy for Social Anxiety Can Be Highly Effective

Social anxiety can hold you back from doing a lot of things you may be interested in: joining clubs, making new friends, hanging out at the movies or at a bar. Researchers at Stanford are looking into effective treatments, and they’re finding that one in particular yields good results. Read about it here.

New Kind of ‘Family Vacation’ May Relieve Stress in Women

Women today are working harder than ever, and stress can be a major part of their lives. For moms who want to pursue their interests and build a career, stress only makes things even more difficult. Find out how women have created a new kind of vacation that allows them more freedom and rejuvenation.

Pain and Anxiety: A New Treatment

Chronic physical pain can be an unfortunate and frustrating symptom of clinical anxiety or depression. German researchers are working to find a solution to this ailment now. Read about it here!