Do You Have Social Anxiety Disorder?

Social anxiety often affects people who have shy bladder syndrome. When someone has social anxiety, there is a major fear of what other people think (or will think) of him or her. People who have social anxiety or social phobia are convinced that they will be negatively judged and rejected.

People who have paruresis (or “shy bladder syndrome”) are unable to use the bathroom if they think someone else is nearby. Some of these individuals are embarrassed by the idea that someone will judge them negatively or disapprove of them in some way. This is one way in which social anxiety and shy bladder syndrome can be interconnected.

What can be most confusing, though, is knowing the difference between regular shyness and social anxiety. A person who suffers from social anxiety will experience marked dissatisfaction with his or her social life and social interactions. While a shy person may warm up to others after repeated contact, a person who has social anxiety or social phobia will likely continue to feel uncomfortable, self-conscious, and nervous even after many meetings with someone.

A shy person may not even be terribly concerned with others’ opinions, whereas someone who has social anxiety issues may not be able to think about anything but the impression he or she is making during a conversation.

If you are interested in reading more about social anxiety and the physical symptoms it can cause, visit the link just below for more information.

Photo Credit: ▲ e-basak via Compfight cc