How Money Woes Can be Bad for Your Paruresis

The average American household owes about $15,000 in credit card bills, just part of the debt that can worsen shy bladder and affect your mental health. Read on for more info and tips on how to deal with it.

Just How Common Are Anxiety Disorders?

Mental health experts and the general population are getting better at recognizing anxiety disorders. This new awareness may help people to get the help they need in a more timely manner. Find out who is most affected by anxiety here.

Why Keeping Your Paruresis Secret Can be Dangerous

While you may not want to disclose the fact you suffer from paruresis to the masses, you may find relief and healing by disclosing your ‘secret’ to people you trust. Here’s why.

Tips for Living (Calmly) with Hypersensitivity

This hurly-burly world can be headache-inducing for anyone, but that counts triple if you happen to be a highly sensitive person. Check out some tips to let the calm cascade coolly back into your life.

How Hypersensitivity Affects Your Paruresis (and Your Life)

If bright lights, strong odors and general chaos make you scream in horror, you may be highly sensitive. Find out more about this condition, which can play a role in your paruresis and your life.

How Does Paruresis Affect Your Life?

Many people with mental health conditions find that their quality of life suffers. This is true even for people with shy bladder syndrome, which causes people to feel extremely anxious when trying to use the bathroom in someone else’s vicinity. Read about paruresis affects people in their daily life.

Best and Worst Things to Do for Panic Attacks

Panic attacks are not uncommon if you suffer from paruresis or other anxiety issues. If one comes your way, these tips can help guide you through it.

Socially Anxious May Benefit from New Treatment

For some people, social anxiety can be a major factor in their paruresis. The extreme nervousness they feel around other people can definitely contribute to the disorder. Find out how social anxiety is being treated here.