Paruresis Makes News: Woman Sues Potential Employer

A woman with shy bladder syndrome is attempting to sue a company for what she considers unfair treatment. Do you agree that paruresis is truly a “disability”? Read more here.

10 Tips on How to Relax Your Mind and Body

Your mind can play a huge part in how you react to stressful situations. Having a negative frame of mind, for instance, can make you much more likely to snap at someone or grow agitated when you have to drive home in traffic. Stress is a normal part of life, but it definitely shouldn’t rule you. Find out how to master it here.

How Greenery Improves Your Quality of Life and Well-Being

Green things make us feel good, especially if we’re living and working in a cramped and decidedly unnatural environment. Learn what nature can do for you and how you can get more of it!

How to ‘Get’ Happiness (that Helps Alleviate Paruresis!)

Abraham Lincoln noted that a person is as happy as he or she decides to be. Pair that decision with a little action and you can alleviate your stress levels as well as your paruresis symptoms. Read on to learn more!

Why Coffee and Paruresis May Not Make a Good Mix

Too much coffee can mean too much caffeine can mean more severe stress, anxiety and paruresis symptoms. And coffee isn’t caffeine’s only source. Find out how caffeine may be working its way into your diet and how cutting back can give you a peace of mind.

Smashing Your Negative Thought and Taking Back Control

One of the core things that hold us back from conquering the anxiety and habits that hold us back are negative thoughts. I can promise that if you slow down and pay attention to your inner dialogue the next time you find yourself struggling with your paruresis, you’ll find what you’re saying to yourself is […]

Are You a Negative Nellie? 4 Habits that Can Worsen Your Paruresis

The glass is half-empty. The sun will make you blind. And the sky, you’re sure, is ready to fall. Check out four negative thinking habits that can worsen your paruresis.

How to Use Compassion to Help Shy Bladder Stress

Most of use don’t need a judge or jury to condemn us; we do it ourselves. Turning that self-abuse into self-compassion, however, can help alleviate your stress levels and lessen your shy bladder symptoms. Read to find out more!