Paruresis Makes News: Woman Sues Potential Employer

Paruresis (also named “shy bladder syndrome”) is an anxiety disorder in which the affected person is physically unable to use the restroom if someone else is nearby. This can make it impossible for someone who has paruresis to relieve him or her self while away from home.

Paruresis can create major inconveniences for people. Some people with paruresis try to work around their fear by, for instance, using a bathroom which may be farther away from where they work. For some, however, the fear is so extreme that they can’t bring themselves to use any public restroom. This can lead to a great deal of discomfort.

Shy bladder syndrome can also be embarrassing at times. How can you explain why you are unable to use a public restroom? Should you tell your friends or loved ones?

And how can you comfortably go on vacation, where you may be forced to use a public restroom that other people can enter at any time?

A woman with shy bladder syndrome recently made headlines for suing her employer. Having been diagnosed with paruresis at a younger age, the woman nonetheless tried to live a normal life. Having recently obtained a Master’s degree, the woman in question hoped to obtain a job in health care. Asked to take a drug test to determine her eligibility, she found that she would have to do something that made her very uncomfortable: use one of the company’s restrooms.

While in one of the restrooms for quite a bit of time, she was urged by workers to exit the restroom so another candidate could enter. This caused the woman more distress, and she began to panic and cry.

The woman is now suing the company for not making an allowance for what she refers to as a “disability” (i.e., her paruresis).

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Photo Credit: bloomsberries via Compfight cc