New Kind of ‘Family Vacation’ May Relieve Stress in Women

As  fun as a family vacation is, it can also be highly stressful for parents. Saving up for the vacation, making travel arrangements, packing and making sure everything is in order are challenging enough, and all that occurs before the vacation even starts.

Some mothers are finding that delaying their presence at the vacation spot can be more relaxing and productive. While mothers want to spend quality time with their husband and children, they may also appreciate an opportunity to advance their career.

A new take on a “family vacation” may allow them to do this.

Some women are taking a much-needed break by taking advantage of family vacation time in a totally new way. While the husband and children embark on their vacation together, the mother remains at home to either continue working or just take some time to herself. Later on, she joins her family at the vacation site.

By doing this, the woman has some time to independently pursue her interests, indulge in pastimes, or get ahead at work. This can also make her that much happier to reunite with her family and enjoy their time together away from home in a relaxing setting.

Children and husbands may also find the arrangement beneficial, as it gives them time to bond with one another. They may also feel more appreciative of the woman’s role and contribution to the family.

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Photo Credit: paul bica via Compfight cc