Everything You Need to Combat Stress

Most people agree that the mind and the body are connected, and that the health of one necessarily affects the health of the other.

For people who have paruresis, or “shy bladder syndrome,” this is especially true. People who suffer from this disorder are affected by a physical inability to use the bathroom if they know that someone else is nearby (or if they think someone else may be nearby). The inability stems from anxiety they feel. This shows how mental processes can have a direct effect on the functioning of the body, and the reverse is also true.

When it comes to stress, the same principle can be applied. Feeling stressed out can lead to fatigue, poor sleeping habits, poor digestion, and some long-term health complications. Suffering from poor physical health can also contribute to disorders like depression, anxiety and other mental health conditions.

This is why learning to manage stress can be so beneficial to your overall lifestyle. By practicing healthy habits and developing a balanced routine that includes regular time for relaxation, you can stave off many of the negative effects of stress.

One major way you can help yourself deal with stress is to understand how you perceive certain events and how you react to them. By developing a way to control your reactions, you can learn to stay calm even in the face of things that would normally exasperate or anger you.

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Photo Credit: angela7dreams via Compfight cc