Understanding Effects of Paruresis: A Personal Account

Paruresis, casually referred to as “shy bladder syndrome,” can be a very frustrating and alienating disorder. Most people do not feel comfortable talking to others about it, and they are often at a loss to explain it to people who have never experienced it.

Paruresis is an anxiety disorder which makes one feel too overwhelmed with nervousness to use the restroom when someone else is in one’s vicinity. This means that for someone with paruresis, using a public bathroom is just about impossible. Even if  person with shy bladder syndrome physically feels the need to use the bathroom, his or her paruresis makes it impossible to do so.

Some psychology researchers consider paruresis to be a form of social anxiety, because it involves a fear of negative evaluation by others. The condition can begin in childhood and persist long into adulthood, perhaps lasting a lifetime without proper treatment.

As troubling as shy bladder syndrome can be, there is hope for recovery. By seeking appropriate treatment with a professional and maintaining a positive and resilient attitude, it is possible to get better.

A man who used to have shy bladder syndrome offers a personal account of how the illness affected his life from childhood to adulthood. He explains the social repercussions of paruresis and the condition’s effects on his self-esteem and feelings of self-worth. Fortunately, he was able to overcome his condition.

If you want to read the former paruresis sufferer’s story and find out how he was able to conquer the anxiety condition at last, click on the link to the article below.


Photo Credit: Micah Camara via Compfight cc