Why Your Paruresis Anxiety Makes you Heed Bad Advice

When your shy bladder anxiety hits an all-time high, you become most vulnerable to seeking out advice. Researchers found you’re likely to heed the advice, even if it’s really bad advice. Read on to find out more.

How Shy Bladder Isolation can Make you Lonely – and Cold

Isolation may stem from suffering from shy bladder or other anxiety issues, but staying away from folks can do more than make you lonely. It can actually affect your physical temperature, making you cold. Read on to find out why.

Try a Power Pose for Paruresis

The mind and body share a very strong link. If you’re stooping over, you often feel small, insignificant and packed with fear. Stand tall in a power pose and you can actually help quash the anxiety that comes with paruresis. Try it!

5 Tips to Cut Holiday Clutter that Can Also Cut Social Anxiety

The holidays are here and your house is a cluttered mess! Check out some quick tips to help clean out the physical clutter, the act of which can work wonders on eradicating your mental clutter and anxiety.

Why We Let Our Holiday Greed Increase our Social Anxiety

Reducing holiday stress can reduce social anxiety, and you may be able to reduce part of that stress if you get rid of the greed element. Find out why this element kicks in so you can better control or eradicate it.

Why Having Shy Bladder Does Not Mean You Have Poor Social Skills

You may think you bombed the job interview or made a fool of yourself during a presentation. Chances are you may have done fine, even if you suffer from paruresis or other forms of social anxiety. Read why.

Money May Indirectly Help Your Paruresis

Sure, you can use money to pay for paruresis treatments, but there may be another way more cash can help the condition. Read on to learn more.

One Really Easy Way to Kill Negative Thoughts

You can go to great lengths in an attempt to purge negative thoughts from your head. Or a study says you can do it the easy way: write them all down and throw them in the trash.