Smashing Your Negative Thought and Taking Back Control

One of the core things that hold us back from conquering the anxiety and habits that hold us back are negative thoughts. I can promise that if you slow down and pay attention to your inner dialogue the next time you find yourself struggling with your paruresis, you’ll find what you’re saying to yourself is […]

Are You a Negative Nellie? 4 Habits that Can Worsen Your Paruresis

The glass is half-empty. The sun will make you blind. And the sky, you’re sure, is ready to fall. Check out four negative thinking habits that can worsen your paruresis.

Where the ‘Big Picture’ Fits for Helping Shy Bladder

Can’t seem to stop procrastinating when it comes to lifestyle changes that could help your shy bladder? Try looking at the ‘Big Picture’ for inspiration. Read on to find out why and how.

How to Stop In-Law Stress that Exacerbates Your Paruresis

Hanging out with in-laws can be a lesson in patience, tolerance and stress that can exacerbate your shy bladder. Read up on several suggestions for beating the stress and enhancing in-law relationships.

How to Use Compassion to Help Shy Bladder Stress

Most of use don’t need a judge or jury to condemn us; we do it ourselves. Turning that self-abuse into self-compassion, however, can help alleviate your stress levels and lessen your shy bladder symptoms. Read to find out more!

Earworms Be Gone! How to Kill off Intrusive Thoughts to Help Shy Bladder

You’re surely familiar with earworms. They are those annoying songs that play over and over in your head. Like any type of maddening thoughts or stress, such a cycle can worsen your paruresis. But research shows and easy way to get rid of them.

Think You’ll be Haunted by Paruresis the Rest of Your Life? Think Again

You may realize you’ve changed a lot in the past 10 years, but a study found you may be underestimating how much you’re destined to change in the next 10. Read what the study has to say and how it may apply to your paruresis.

Does Facebook Hurt or Help Your Paruresis?

All the hours you spend on Facebook can have an effect on your paruresis, but if that effect is positive or negative depends on whom you ask. Read on to learn more!