Stress Linked to Paruresis but Not to Ulcers and 4 Other Myths

Stress and anxiety can heighten your paruresis, and more severe shy bladder symptoms can, in turn, height your stress and anxiety. That much you know for a fact because you’ve probably lived through it again and again.

What is not completely factual is five other myths regarding stress – things you have may long thought true that are really a bunch of hooey. A Huffington Post slide show examines these myths and busts open the truth behind them.

The five myths explored are:

  • Twitching eyelids, which don’t twitch from stress
  • Deep breathing, which may not always help alleviate stress
  • Ulcers, which aren’t caused by stress
  • A pessimistic viewpoint, which doesn’t automatically kick in from stress
  • Grey hair, which doesn’t come from stress (although stress can make your hair fall out!)

Curiosity piqued? Check out the full slide show at the link below. Be forewarned it’s one of those slide shows where you have to click through each of the five photos to get to the text – and those can indeed heighten stress (and your paruresis)!

Check it out anyway at: