Learning to Control Your Anxiety May Help Your Genes

Paruresis, also known as “shy bladder syndrome,” is an anxiety condition that makes it very difficult or impossible for someone to use the restroom when anyone is in nearby. This usually means public restrooms are very comfortable for a person with paruresis.

A person who has extreme paruresis may not even want to visit certain places because he or she is afraid of having to use a bathroom with other people in it.

Part of conquering any anxiety-related disorder is learning to relax. That is not to say it’s easy to “just relax,” or many people would not have an anxiety disorder in the first place!

Learning to calm oneself and reduce anxious thoughts before they become unbearable is possible, though it takes time and patience.

One strategy that has been known to have excellent results for relieving anxiety is meditation.

An article from Guardian Media describes how techniques like yoga can, in the long-run, promote good health starting with one’s genes.

The article describes a study showing that “long-term practise of relaxation techniques can significantly enhance […] genetic benefits.” According to the article, engaging in relaxing activities such as deep breathing, yoga and even praying can put the body into a calm, relaxed state that can be beneficial to one’s health.

By doing relaxing activities on a regular basis and learning to return to a peaceful state, one can eventually gain control over one’s anxiety.

In the study discussed in the article, the researchers observed the effects of meditation on patients with varying levels of experience at meditating. Positive effects were seen in all the participants who performed yoga regularly as part of the study.

To learn more about how meditation and other relaxation techniques can help improve physical and mental health, read the original article at the link here:


Photo Credit: SaturatedEyes via Compfight cc