Expert Input for Resolutions that Can Improve Your Paruresis and Your Entire Life

If you’re still scratching your head on what resolutions to make, or deciding if it’s worth your time to make any at all, why not take a few quick tips from experts. Positive Psychology News asked mental  health professionals to chime in with their suggestions on resolutions that may have the power to improve all areas of your life, including your paruresis.

In a nutshell, many boiled down to spending more time listening to family and friends, learning how to forgive and paying attention to your sleeping, eating and exercise habits. The latter can be particularly important for your overall mood as well as the severity of your stress, anxiety and related conditions, such as your shy bladder.

Hugs and love are also high on the list of things to employ in 2013, with the “prescribed” dose of eight hugs a day on the list of things you may want to do to decrease your stress and, therefore, your paruresis anxiety.

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