New Kind of ‘Family Vacation’ May Relieve Stress in Women

Women today are working harder than ever, and stress can be a major part of their lives. For moms who want to pursue their interests and build a career, stress only makes things even more difficult. Find out how women have created a new kind of vacation that allows them more freedom and rejuvenation.

Pain and Anxiety: A New Treatment

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Everything You Need to Combat Stress

Stress is something we all have to deal with. Our jobs, our family members, and our health can all cause us to feel overwhelmed, but our minds can be a powerful tool for keeping some of the anxiety and frustration at bay.

Understanding Anxiety, Panic in Older Adults

Most anxiety treatment is geared toward adults from young adulthood to middle age. But there is a growing need for mental health treatment and attention in seniors. Find out how anxiety disorders are affecting older adults.

What Are Your Options for Treating Anxiety?

Part of the trouble with anxiety disorders is that many people do not know how treatable they are. Even if you don’t completely recover from an anxiety disorder, you can still enjoy a higher quality of life. Read about it here.

Using Your State of Mind to Relieve Anxiety

When you are totally immersed in an enjoyable task, you may feel focused, exhilarated, or blissful. This state is known as “flow.” If you want to know more about it and how you can use it, read this article!

How Is Anxiety Treated in Older Adults?

Anxiety disorders, while typically less common in seniors, can still be a problem as you age. Many older adults with anxiety disorders like paruresis do not get the care or attention they need. Read what has been found to help some seniors who have anxiety.

How Does Paruresis Affect Your Life?

Many people with mental health conditions find that their quality of life suffers. This is true even for people with shy bladder syndrome, which causes people to feel extremely anxious when trying to use the bathroom in someone else’s vicinity. Read about paruresis affects people in their daily life.